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The ten things that dictate your sales results

16 September 2015


How do you put yourself in a positive state? What about your team?

It could be photo’s of loved ones, pictures of beautiful places you want to visit…or stuff you’ll buy with your bonus, it may be a piece of music or a speech that inspires you, or it may be your cuddly teddy bear! I don’t know what these things are for you but YOU do and that’s what counts.

Why not make a list now of all the things you already know put you in a positive state of mind. Be sure to write things that you have control over. I know 14 hours of sunshine a day works for many people but there’s not too much chance of that in the winter months! You need things that help you at any time…regardless of what’s going on in the world!

What TEN THINGS put you in a positive state (keep it clean, then again maybe not!)

Go on…write ten things down, before you read on.

Whatever these things are for you, have them close at hand so you have access to them whenever you need to ‘buzz up’ – or sense your state dropping.

There are also some physical things you can do when you’re feeling unresourceful. A great tip is to stand up and look upwards…smiling. It’s impossible to feel down when you do this. Go on try it now. Stand up; look at the ceiling with the biggest smile you can manage. Now without moving a muscle, pretend to be depressed!

Told you…it always works. You may get some odd looks but who cares when you feel this good!

A sales person I once worked with…

…had a huge insight when I covered this topic in a training session. He told me he always arrived for work positive and ready for action. Except on a Monday. Monday was different. It took him ages to get in a good state of mind and in the meantime his Monday performances declined. He’s just put it down to the fact it was Monday…you may relate to this grin

What he realised during this exercise is that every day, apart from Monday, he travelled to work listening to upbeat music on his iPod. It really set him up for the day. On Friday he went out for a beer with his work colleagues and left his iPod at the office. Being without his iPod on the Monday morning had taken his motivating and uplifting music out of his routine!

He solved the problem by buying another iPod so he always had access to his music.

So whether it’s to get you buzzed up each morning, or to get you back up to a positive state when you’re flagging, make sure you always have some of those top ten tools right by you and watch them increase your sales success.

And what does your team need to do to ensure they’re ready for action?

It’s all part of The Psychology of Selling

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