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4 X DVD Programme - “The Essential Sales System for Small Business”

Book - “iSell:Unlock your winning sales mindset” (Book)

Workshop - “The Essential Sales System for Small Business”

Workshop - “Love Your Business…Hate Selling?”

CD Programme - “Write your own Sales Plan”

Book - “Secrets of The Wealth Accelerators” (Book)

4 X DVD Programme - “The Essential Sales System for Small Business”

Essential Sales System

This 4 X DVD Programme gives you the confidence, skills and advice you need to make your business a sales goldmine.

Just £80 + VAT

Over 4 hours worth of brilliantly effective sales techniques and sales planning tools you can implement immediately - bottled for your convenience.

Learn when it suits you - at home, at work, on the laptop, on the iphone!

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iSell (Book)

iSell:Unlock your winning mindset

Unlock your winning sales mindset

With an innovative approach to selling, this book takes you through a process that will:

- Help you identify your inner psychological barriers to sales success
- Give you the tools to overcome what’s holding you back
- Teach you how the mind works so that you can maintain high levels of motivation and focus
- Help you connect at a deeper level with your clients and prospects

And ultimately enable you to close more sales

Whether you’re business owner, working in a sales team or managing a sales team, you’ll get lots from this book.

‘This is a ground breaking book that shows you how to develop unshakable levels of self-confidence in selling anything to anyone’
Brian Tracy, best selling author of ‘The Psychology of Selling’

Even when outwardly confident, sales people and business owners often lack the inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis. Conventional sales training doesn’t address the inner barriers that get in the way of sales success.

This book does.

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“Each sales person in our team has a copy and this helps us work independently and together towards success, how we approach customers. It is nothing like the usual sales book, its insightful, perfectly paced, revealing, exciting and motivating. It changes the way you look at sales and opens a new world for you.” Gege - London

Workshop “The Essential Sales System for Small Business”

Small Business Sales Event

The Essential Sales System for Small Business (Workshop)
Small Business Sales Event in London presented by leading UK sales expert Leigh Ashton

Contact 020 7993 2257 for future dates

9.00am - 5.30pm

Central London

Valued at £299

Book for just £147 + VAT

What’s included…
- Getting your mindset right
- How to get to know your customers and prospects better than ever before
- Investigate your sales and marketing options
- Firing up your own Essential Sales System
- Managing your Essential Sales System
- Masses of Tips and advice for your Sales Success

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – click for details

Who is this event for?
- Small Business Owners and Partners wanting to increase their selling skills
- Those responsible for sales in their business and need to improve their skills
- Those responsible for sales within their business but who don’t enjoy it!
- Those who dislike the idea of ‘Hard Selling’ (Selling in 2013 is definitely NOT about hard selling)
- All those who want to know what the successful sales methods are going to be in 2013
- All those who can cope with increased sales revenues each month!

Call 020 7993 2257 for details of future dates

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Workshop “Love Your Business…Hate Selling?”

Love Your Business…Hate Selling?

Love Your Business…Hate Selling (Workshop)

Presented by leading UK sales expert Leigh Ashton

Contact 020 7993 2257 for future dates

Valued at £149

Book for just £65 + VAT

Find out what’s really stopping you getting the sales results you want

Is this you?
- You love what you do…but the selling bit gets left until last?
- You think you’re not that good at selling?
- You’ve an inner voice that says “you can’t do this, you’re rubbish at that”?

Are you letting what goes on in your head get in the way of your success?

There’s no need.

At the workshop you will…
- Identify what stops you getting consistently great sales
- Get an understanding of why you haven’t overcome these challenges already
- Establish how things will develop for you if you don’t make changes

Crucially…you willl…
- Experience the ‘Limiting Belief Buster’ - our process for smashing through your limiting beliefs and replacing them with your new empowering beliefs.


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Write Your Own Sales Plan (CD Programme)

Write your own Sales Plan

A 4 x CD Programme that turns your chaos into order, your thoughts into actions, and your actions into profits!

If you want more sales and aren’t sure how to get them, then you need a plan! Not sure how to create one? On this 4 CD Programme you’ll learn exactly how to create your own Sales Plan… and how to put it into ACTION.

And a whole bundle of sales tips to help you on your way.

Crucially you’ll discover what NOT to do - and what you could be unwittingly doing that’s holding back your business.

This CD Programme will take you through the process step by step. Ultimately you’ll have a solid, workable Sales Plan alongside the tools AND the motivation to make it happen.

Remember… if you plan for success you are statistically more likely to achieve success!

Buy the CDs, Implement the changes - and watch your sales grow…

No Risk – 100% Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee that this CD system will improve your sales planning abilities and future sales strategies - or your money back! That’s how confident we are that you will feel so much more empowered, more confident in your sales planning skills and ability to achieve results.

Just £9.99 + postage and packing

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Secrets of The Wealth Accelerators (Book)

Paul Avins is an award winning business coach, author and founder of the world’s most powerful training, mentoring and support network - The Business Wealth Club.

Now you can get access to his private, never before revealed network of Millionaires, Mentors and Marketers from around the world.

Including a chapter by Leigh Ashton “The New Ingredients of Sales Success”


Here’s just a few of the amazing wealth creation strategies inside this book which you can use to start making money right now:

  - How to harness the power of mobile apps for big profits
  - The 3 must use steps to unleash an army of volunteer marketers
  - How to make BIG money in the expert advice industry (crazy high margins!)
  - How to REV UP your business results even in a recession
  - Gain access to hidden sources of new customer traffic (Not SEO)
  - Build a high performance property portfolio for passive income
  - The 15 Magic Words guaranteed to get you more clients
  - How to harness the profit pulling power of joint ventures
  - How to write a blog for massive targeted traffic at no cost
  - The secrets to becoming a Key Person of Influence (KPI) in your industry in 6 months or less
  - How to use webinars to make more sales in 90 minutes than most people make in a month, while sitting at your desk
  - How to legally keep more of the money you make and pay less tax!

And many more!

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